How Genio® works

Genio® is the world’s first and unique battery-free, leadless and minimally invasive neurostimulator that was designed and developed with users in mind. Genio® keeps your airway open during the night, efficiently optimizing your night’s rest and revitalizing your daily life.

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Being a minimally invasive surgical second-line alternative to CPAP, the Genio® system consists of 3 essential parts: an implanted neurostimulator and an external Activation Chip connected to a Disposable Patch. The combination of these parts is what makes the Genio® system so comfortable and efficient. After going to the doctor first, you will be referred to a designated clinic for your Genio® therapy.

Minuscule implant

A small, battery-free and leadless neurostimulator is implanted under the chin. The stimulator’s electrodes are placed bilaterally, in contact with both branches of the hypoglossal nerve. The surgical procedure is very short and minimally invasive. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and includes making a small incision under your chin. Your body will recover fully from this incision in 6 to 8 weeks.



After the healing period, you will receive customized and personal assistance to show you how your new Genio® solution works. From now on it is also required to shave this area of the chin on a daily basis. During these personal sessions, you will need at least two sleep studies to benchmark and adjust the settings of your Genio® system. Your doctor may need to schedule additional sleep studies to monitor and optimize your Genio® therapy settings.

In order to reach therapeutic levels and optimize your therapy, it is extremely important to use your Genio® system each night and to attend all follow-up appointments scheduled by your doctor.

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