Ready to improve your sleep?
Discuss Genio® with
your doctor

Genio® is the innovative sleep apnea treatment that will improve your sleep and enlighten your life. To start your Genio® treatment, you will need to consult a general practitioner or sleep therapist first. Make sure to bring our brochure with you to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

Plan your first visit with a physician to discuss all the advantages and start using our revolutionary solution.


Do you have obstructive
sleep apnea?

Please check if you have the following symptoms, before consulting your physician:

  • your partner complains about your snoring
  • you wake up tired
  • you wake up with a headache or dry mouth
  • you feel sleepy and irritable during the day

Why Genio®?

Genio® is the disruptive obstructive sleep apnea treatment:

  • specifically designed for OSA patients
  • quick surgical procedure
  • easy to use

Details for your doctor

When meeting your doctor or sleep specialist, please bring our Genio® leaflet with you. This brochure contains all details and makes your referral procedure shorter.

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