Quick setup guide
How to use Genio® 

Before starting your Genio® sleep apnea treatment, please read through our quick setup guide for proper use of the Genio® system.

Charge your Genio® system

Please charge the Activation Chip before use. Plug the Genio® Charging Unit into a power socket and take the chip out of its protective cover. Place it onto the docking area of the Charging Unit and the light on the Charging Unit will turn on.
When the chip is fully charged, the light of the Charging Unit will turn off. It takes approximately three hours to charge an empty Activation Chip to full capacity. Afterwards, simply remove the chip from the Charging Unit.

Connect your Genio® parts

The Activation Chip and the Disposable Patch go together perfectly. This patch is designed to be used with the chip, so no other type of patch should be used in combination with the Genio® system. Any other type of patch may interfere and inhibit the functions of the Genio® system.

When you connect the Activation Chip to a new Disposable Patch, you will see that the chip’s LED will turn blue for five seconds. After this, you can apply the patch to your chin.

First, remove the protective foils from the patch. To attach the patch under your chin, tilt your head up a bit and press the patch firmly onto the designated area. Straighten the edges so it sticks on all sides. Now you are ready to go to sleep and the Genio® system will guide you along the path to restful nights.

When you wake up, remove the patch from your chin. Disconnect the chip from the patch and throw the patch into the rubbish bin. Charge the Activation Chip again and you are ready for another night.

Enjoy your restful night

Genio® will keep your airway open during the night, without hose, noise or machinery. It is the number one sleep apnea treatment without any restrictions. With Genio®, you will sleep freely and peacefully again.

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